Kelly Lee Owens (with Kid Hops and MYXA) at Neumos

2021-09-18 Hardly Raining/Lisa Hagen Glynn

Kelly Lee Owens played the show that everybody needed, after so many months pent up because of COVID. The Welsh dream-pop and techno artist took the stage at Neumos for an intense hour-long set. “We’re here to fucking dance, so let’s do this,” she directed.

An adept producer and singer, Owens exuded confidence and joy as she navigated the array of electronics onstage. Sweet vocals soared above pounding bass and rhythmic bleeps. Psychedelic visuals spun in the background. The masked crowd grooved and jumped into a frenzy.

The set featured some covers, and hits from both Owens’ first and second albums—including the delicate harmonies of “On” and “Lucid,” the climate-panicked heartbeat of “Melt!,” and a dancey tribute to her late grandmother, “Jeanette.” She opened with Radiohead’s “Arpeggi,” at first obscured by low light and a dark hooded coat, which she cast off to reveal a colorful dragon dress and platform Doc Martens. Owens closed with a remix of Jenny Hval’s “Kingsize,” but returned quickly to the stage to deliver elbow-bumps and heartfelt thanks to the audience.

Seattle trip-hop duo MYXA opened with a DJ set. They released their EP MOSCA in 2020. KEXP electronic and reggae DJ Kid Hops spun upbeat dance tunes.

KLO continues her U.S. West Coast tour through September 25, in support of her 2020 album Inner Song.

Kelly Lee Owens – “On”

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