Seattleites March in Support of Ukraine

2022.03.05 Hardly Raining

Hundreds of Seattleites marched and rallied yesterday in support of Ukraine. Sponsored by the Ukrainian Association of Washington State, the event included rallies at Seattle City Hall and Seattle Center, and a march through downtown along Fourth Avenue.

Children hold signs that read, "Stop war" and "Pray for Ukraine"
At Seattle Center, children hold signs that read, “Stop war” and “Pray for Ukraine.” (Photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn)

At City Hall, organizers held a flash mob and called for air support in Ukraine. Along the route, marchers shouted, “No fly zone,” “Stop bombing us,” and “Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes.” At the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheatre, speakers included leaders from Seattle’s Ukrainian community and local politicians. They played the Ukrainian and United States national anthems, and held a moment of silence for those who had died.

March organizers lie on the ground in response to an air-raid siren, during a "flash mob" at the start of the march.
Organizers lie on the ground during an air-raid siren “flash mob” at City Hall. (Photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn)

Pro-Ukraine protests also occurred worldwide on Saturday.

Marchers wave signs and Ukrainian flags, with the Space Needle rising behind
Marchers wave Ukrainian flags, with the Space Needle rising behind. (Photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn)

Marchers in downtown Seattle shout, “Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes.”