“Bans Off Our Bodies” Abortion-Rights Rally

2022-5-14 Hardly Raining

Thousands gathered in Cal Anderson Park in support of abortion rights.

A crowd of thousands shouts and waves signs
A sign reads, "Pregnancy begins with a penis; regulate that"

Part of a Day of Action, the Seattle rally was one of 450 “Bans Off Our Bodies” events held nationally on May 14. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund and other reproductive-rights groups organized the events in response to a leaked U.S. Supreme Court opinion that would overturn federal protections for abortion.

A sign reads, "Bans off my body"
A sign reads, "Hands off our rights"
A multicolored umbrella reads, "What do we want? Bodily autonomy"
A sign reads, "Fuck off."

Protesters continued with an unplanned march through Capitol Hill.

Protesters start an unplanned march through Capitol Hill.

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