Still Corners at the Crocodile

2022-06-06 Hardly Raining

Dream-pop band Still Corners returned to Seattle on June 6, 2022. In November 2018, they had played an intimate show at the Sunset Tavern. Still Corners includes Tessa Murray (keys, vocals), Greg Hughes (guitar), and Jim Wallis (drums).

Greg Hughes on guitar.
Greg Hughes on guitar (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

In 2021, Still Corners released The Last Exit on their own label, Wrecking Light Records. Their U.S. tour continues through June 18, with four east-coast stops remaining.

Still Corners takes a bow at the Crocodile.
Still Corners takes a bow (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

New York-based artist Foxes in Fiction opened with a solo set of electronics and vocals.

Foxes in Fiction at the Crocodile.
Foxes in Fiction (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

Still Corners’ 2022 single, “Far Rider”

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