Photos: somesurprises, Shitty Person, Patrick Toney

2024-02-08 Hardly Raining

Contemplative experimental artists somesurprises played Beacon Hill’s Clock-Out Lounge on February 8, 2024. The band included Seattleites Natasha El-Sergany (vocals, guitar, synth), Josh Medina (guitar, synth), Laura Seniow (bass), and Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy (drums).

Natasha El-Sergany of somesurprises (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

Gothic avant-pop group Shitty Person played the second set, celebrating the release of their new EP, Dignity. Led by Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy (this time on guitar and vocals), the band included Allison Eltrich (vocals), Simon Henneman (guitar), Jim Davis (guitar), Nicole Thomas-Kennedy (bass), and Dave Abramson (drums).

Shitty Person EP release
Shitty Person (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

Opening the evening was performance artist Patrick Toney. Toney sang upbeat tunes over cassette tapes, played catch with the crowd, and brought up singer–songwriter Jonny G for the final number.

Patrick Toney
Patrick Toney (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

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