Photos from the 2022 Earshot Jazz Festival

2022.11.07 Hardly Raining

The 34th annual Earshot Jazz Festival returned to Seattle from October 8–November 6, 2022. This autumn’s festival featured 37 jazz shows across a dozen Seattle venues.

Headliners included Grammy-winning artist Dianne Schuur (vocals, piano), and NEA Jazz Master Charles Lloyd (saxophone) with his Ocean Trio. Resident artist Alex Dugdale (saxophone, tap dance) performed four shows and premiered several new compositions; he dedicated his work to #mahsaamini.

Remembering Overton Berry
Dianne Schuur at the “Remembering Overton Berry” show at Town Hall on October 8, 2022.

The galleries below depict photographic highlights from all but three sets of the festival. (All photos by Lisa Hagen Glynn.) Apologies to the Roosevelt High School Jazz Band, the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, and Battle Trance for the scheduling conflicts!

Charles Lloyd Ocean Trio
Charles Lloyd with his Ocean Trio at Town Hall on November 6, 2022.

For a review of the festival, read Thomas Conrad’s article in Jazz Times. To view photos from last year’s festival, see the post by Hardly Raining.


Remembering Overton Berry with Diane Schuur & Bruce Phares // Garfield High School Jazz Band, at Town Hall Great Hall (8 OCT): Diane Schuur (piano, vocals), Bruce Phares (bass), Gail Pettis (vocals), Greta Matassa (vocals), Jeff Davies (bass), D’Vonne Lewis (drums), Jeremy Bacon (piano), & Mark Lewis (saxophone).

Esthesis Quartet // Seattle JazzED Messengers, at Town Hall Forum (9 OCT): Dawn Clement (piano, vocals), Elsa Nilsson (flute), Tina Raymond (drums), & Emma Dayhuff (bass).

Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet, at Triple Door (12 OCT): Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar), Eric Revis (bass), & Gregory Hutchinson (drums).

Fellowship ‘Ceptet feat. Johnaye Kendrick, at Town Hall Forum (13 OCT): Thomas Marriott (trumpet), Johnaye Kendrick (vocals), Marina Albero (piano), Mark Taylor (alto saxophone), D’Vonne Lewis (drums), & Beserat Tafesse (trombone).

Alex Dugdale Deca-Dance, at SeaMonster (13 OCT): Alex Dugdale (saxophone, tap, vocals), Melissa Montalto (keys, vocals), Greg Feingold (bass), Max Holmberg (drums), Grant Neubauer (keys), Cole Schuster (guitar), Marissa Kall (trumpet), Walter Cano (trumpet), Jory Tindall (baritone saxophone), & Freddy Gonzales (trombone).

Count Basie Orchestra Directed by Scotty Barnhart, at Town Hall Great Hall (14 OCT):

Miles Okazaki & Dan Weiss, at Royal Room (14 OCT): Miles Okazaki (guitar), & Dan Weiss (drums).

Meridian Odyssey, at Town Hall Forum (15 OCT): Martin Budde (guitar), Xavier Lecouturier (drums), Dylan Hayes (piano), Noah Halpern (trumpet), Ben Feldman (bass), & Santosh Sharma (saxophone).

Vitamin D: Drum Orbit, at Chapel Performance Space (15 OCT): Vitamin D (turntables, producer), Kassa Overall (drums), Evan Flory-Barnes (bass), Darrius Willrich (piano/keys), Gerson Zaragoza (guitar), & Carlos Overall (saxophone).

Naomi Moon Siegel Ensemble, at Royal Room (16 OCT): Naomi Moon Siegel (trombone),  Marina Albero (piano), Kelsey Mines (bass), Christopher Icasiano (drums), Sean Woolstenhulme (guitar), & Ray Larsen (trumpet).

Marquis Hill: New Gospel Revisited, at Langston (18 OCT): Marquis Hill (trumpet), Jahari Stampley (keys), Joshua Griffin (bass), & Jeremiah Collier (drums).

Dan Wilson Quartet // Elnah Jordan, at Langston (19 OCT): Dan Wilson (guitar), David Throckmorton (drums), Brandon Rose (bass), & Glenn Zaleski (piano). Elnah Jordan (vocals), Eric Verlinde (piano), Chris Symer (bass), & Steve Banks (drums).

Jacqueline Tabor & Marina Albero “Don’t Explain,” at Town Hall Forum (20 OCT): Jacqueline Tabor (vocals), Marina Albero (piano),  Trevor Ford (bass), & Jeremy Jones (drums).

Bad Luck // Kin of the Moon, at Clock-Out Lounge (20 OCT): Chris Icasiano (drums), Neil Welch (saxophone).  Kaley Lane Eaton (vocals, piano, electronics), Leanna Keith (flute), & Heather Bentley (viola, violin, bass).

Miguel Zenón Quartet, at Town Hall Forum (21 OCT): Miguel Zenón (saxophone), Luis Perdomo (piano), Luca Alemanno (bass), Henry Cole (drums), & Paolo Mejias (congas).

Qwanqwa, at Town Hall Great Hall (21 OCT):

Louis Cole Big Band // Genevieve Artadi, at Town Hall Great Hall (22 OCT): Louis Cole (drums, keys), Frederico Heliodoro dos Santos (bass), Paul Cornish (keys), Henry Solomon (baritone saxophone), Jon Taro Hatamiya (trombone), Zach Ramacier (trumpet), Shai Golan (alto saxophone), Doug Mosher (tenor sax), Isis Giraldo (vocals), & Genevieve Artadi (vocals).

The Holden Legacy: Darelle Holden Group, & Dave Holden Jr.’s Grownfoux, at Langston (23 OCT): Darelle Holden (vocals), Brian Monroney (guitar), Eric Verlinde (piano and keys), Osama Afifi (bass), & D’Vonne Lewis (drums). Dave Holden Jr. (bass, vocals), Quianna Holden (vocals), Phyllis Talley  (vocals), Jennifer Johnson (vocals); Andrew Meltzer (drums), Scott Adams (saxophone), Paul Sowell (guitar), & Rob Pastorok (keys).

Majid Bekkas Group, at Town Hall Forum (23 OCT): Majid Bekkas (oud, guembri, guitar), Foulane Bouhssine (ribab), Nor Eddine Bahha (keys), Oussama Chtouki (bass), & Oussama Mougar (drums).

Makaya McCraven // Theon Cross, at Nectar Lounge (25 OCT): Makaya McCraven (drums), De’Sean Jones (saxophone), Junius Paul (bass), & Jeff Parker (guitar). Theon Cross (tuba).

Ben Wendel Quartet, at Royal Room (26 OCT): Ben Wendel (saxophone), Fabian Almazan (piano), Harish Raghavan (bass), & Nate Woods (drums).

Darrell Grant MJ New Quartet, at Town Hall Forum (27 OCT): Darrell Grant (piano), Mike Horsfall (vibes), Marcus Shelby (bass), & Cecil Brooks III (drums).

Christian Pincock’s Scrambler, at Chapel Performance Space (27 OCT):  Christian Pincock (conducting, trombone, foot organ), Neil Welch (saxophone), Jeremy Shaskus (saxophone), Steve Treseler (saxophone), Brian Bermudez (saxophone, clarinet, flute), Jenny Ziefel (saxophone, clarinet), Evan Woodle (drums), Rocky Martin (drums), Greg Campbell (drums), Steve Meyer (cello), Peter Tracy (cello), Peter Nelson-King (trumpet, piano), Haley Freedlund (trombone), & Carol Levin (harp).

Alex Dugdale: What We Have on Tap, at Town Hall Forum (28 OCT): Alex Dugdale (saxophone, tap), Jessie Sawyer (tap), Rachel Zuraec (tap), David Meder (piano), Marty Jaffe (bass), & Michael Piolet (drums).

Anat Cohen: Quartetinho, at Town Hall Great Hall (29 OCT): Anat Cohen (clarinets), Vitor Gonçalves (keys, accordion), Tal Mashiach (bass, guitar), & James Shipp (percussion, electronics).

Moutin-Omicil-Moutin, at Town Hall Forum (30 OCT): Louis Moutin (drums), François Moutin (bass), & Jowee Omicil (saxophone).

Alex Dugdale Big Band, at Town Hall Forum (1 NOV): Alex Dugdale (saxophone, tap), trumpeter Mike Mines (trumpet), Scott Brown (trumpet), Walter Cano (trumpet), Marissa Kall (trumpet), Connor Eisenmenger (trombone), Audrey Stangland (trombone), Jerome Smith (trombone), Sidney Hauser (saxophone), Tobi Stone (baritone saxophone), Jackson Cotugno (tenor saxophone), Gordon Brown (alto saxophone), John Hansen (piano), DeMarcus Baysmore (guitar), Max Holmberg (drums), & Trevor Ford (bass).

Kat Edmonson, at Triple Door (2 NOV): Kat Edmonson (vocals).

Habib Koité, at Triple Door (3 NOV): Habib Koité (vocals, guitar).

Owen Broder Quintet with Carmen Staaf, at Royal Room (3 NOV): Owen Broder (saxophone), Dan Pugach (drums), Alphonso Horne (trumpet), Carmen Staaf (piano), & Barry Stephenson (bass).

Robin Holcomb // Kelsey Mines: Compost People, at Town Hall Forum (4 NOV): Robin Holcomb (piano, vocals), Kelsey Mines (bass), Aleida Gehrels (viola), Leanna Keith (flute), Walter Cano (trumpet), Jun Iida (trumpet), Beserat Tafesse (trombone), Jona Brown (piano), & Greg Campbell (drums).

Charles Lloyd Ocean Trio, at Town Hall Great Hall (6 NOV): Charles Lloyd (saxophone, flute), Anthony Wilson (trumpet), & Harish Raghavan (bass).

Alex Dugdale Sextet Festival Wrap Party, at SeaMonster (6 NOV): Alex Dugdale (saxophone, tap), Cole Schuster (guitar), Jun Iida (trumpet), Max Holmberg (drums), John Hansen (piano), & Greg Feingold (bass).