Cruel Diagonals at Chapel Performance Space

Photos: Cruel Diagonals at the Chapel

2023-04-07 Hardly Raining Cruel Diagonals (Megan Mitchell) performed at the Chapel Performance Space on April 7, 2023. The Los Angeles-based experimental electronic artist is touring in support of her March release, Fractured Whole. Opening were Seattle-based performers Raica and Kole Galbraith. Gallery Fractured Whole by Cruel Diagonals

Negativland and SUE-C at Clock-Out Lounge

Negativland + SUE-C (with Blevin Blectum) at Clock-Out Lounge

2021-09-23 Hardly Raining Negativland and SUE-C finally made it to the Clock-Out Lounge on September 23, 2021, a year and a half later than originally scheduled due to COVID-19. Negativland is an experimental Bay Area collective that includes founding members Mark Hosler and David Wills (AKA The Weatherman), as well as Jon Leidecker (AKA Wobbly). …

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