Kassa Overall: Behind the Beat

2023-01-29 Hardly Raining

Seattle-raised drummer and producer Kassa Overall is offering a four-part music series at Langston. He gave a drum masterclass on January 29, and held open rehearsals in early February.

Kassa Overall
Drum demonstration (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

Next, Overall will offer a free beatmaking and production workshop on Saturday, April 1 from 2-5 p.m. The series will conclude with a concert at Langston (date and personnel TBD).

Kassa Overall
Polyrhythms lecture and demonstration (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

Overall splits his time between Brooklyn and Seattle. He released Shades 3 in February 2023.

KassaOverallBehindTheBeat flyer
Behind the Beat with Kassa Overall series at Langston