Domo Branch at the Royal Room

2022-07-21 Hardly Raining

Domo Branch and Branchin’ Out played the Royal Room on July 21, 2022. Originally from Portland, Branch is a jazz drummer and composer based in New York City. He has released two albums, including the 2022 We Are Made.

Imani Rouselle vocals
Vocalist Imani Rousselle (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

Joining Branch were Imani Rousselle (vocals), Sean Mason (piano), Abdias Armenteros (sax), and Ben Feldman (bass). The group continues to Portland for two nights at The 1905.

Domo Branch’s Branchin’ Out
Domo Branch’s Branchin’ Out (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).
Sean Mason on piano
Sean Mason on piano (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).
Abdias Armenteros on sax
Abdias Armenteros on soprano saxophone (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).
Ben Feldman on bass
Ben Feldman on bass (photo: Lisa Hagen Glynn).

Domo Branch’s “We Are Made” (2021)

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